What We Do


Matthew Wieneke Landscape Services is about more than general landscape and lawn care. Matthew is a professional garden builder who creates an outdoor world for his clients nationwide that are second to none. He focuses on creating the environment of your dreams and working his magic to make it a reality in your backyard. Read about our eco-friendly landscaping services below and we will help you devise a plan for the perfect outdoors.


Matthew knows that you know the importance of being earth-friendly with your landscaping and he creates eco-friendly designs that will stay beautiful while respecting the earth. He creates landscaping plans which utilize the resources the best way possible and conserve energy, water, and sunlight to save you money and preserve the environment.


Matthew knows that your backyard area and landscape is one of the most important aspects of your home. He understand the importance of creating designs that are both interesting and functional, practical and dreamlike. So dream up what you want and then give the plan to him.  View some of our images in our project portfolio and you'll see how he turns plans into reality and dreams into an outdoor environment you'll be proud to call your own. Choose Matthew Wieneke Landscape Services-because home landscape is more than a science-it's an art.


Read about Matthew's client testimonials here and find out why his clients are always happy with the job he does. You'll find out why people consider Matthew Wieneke Landscape Design a true artistic service. Our customer service and technical support gets him points with customers too!


If you need help you to creating the perfect outdoor landscaping plan for your outdoor paradise, contact Matthew. He is an expert and creating beautiful outdoor environments that you'll be proud to own. Let him know how he can help.