"The driveway is officially finished. When Matt asked whether it had turned out the way we anticipated, both Mark and I told him it was so much more dramatic and beautiful than we had imagined."

-  Linda Brazill

  Madison, WI

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"My family and I were contemplating a unique landscaping project with several distinct challenges. Existing elevations created drainage issues in our yard and presented an elevated risk to our foundation. In addition, our lakefront residence is now in a flood zone (thanks FEMA!) and local zoning laws restricted how water could flow in and around our property. We needed someone we could trust to do the job right. Matt's specialized talents and technical knowledge allowed us to navigate all necessary compliance concerns and also achieve the beautiful results we wanted. In the end, we were delighted with the results and would highly recommend his professional skills to you and your family. Thanks again, Matt!"

-  C Stuart

  Minneapolis, MN

"Matt helped transform our front yard landscape. He used his knowledge of plant species and design sense to create a well-balanced, beautiful, natural-looking landscape. The landscaping even shines after the sun sets thanks to Matt’s installation of subtle, yet well placed low-volt lighting. He was open to our input during the planning phase, worked diligently throughout the installation process and continues to promptly respond whenever we have follow-up questions. We are very pleased with Matt’s work. And a lot of others are too based on the numerous landscape compliments we have received from neighbors and passers-by."

-  Jake and Bonnie Orth

  Madison, WI